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  What does Turkish Statistical Institute do?
  What is the coverage of official statistics?
  Can everyone produce and publish statistics?
  How can real persons or legal persons executing research activities covering statistical results open the results of their research to public by media?
  How is the organization structure of Turkish Statistical Institute?
  What are duties of Statistical Council?
  What is statistical unit?
  Does TurkStat have the legal authority to ask for, to control and to store data?
  Are statistical units (persons, institutes and organizations) obliged to answer TURKSTAT researches?
  What happens in case of non-response of statistical units to TURKSTAT researches?
  Do institutes and organizations have to give the right to allow the access to their administrative data to TurkStat?
  What is confidentiality of data or confidential data?
  How is the use of individual data?
  How can I access to the information I search for on the website?
  How can I be aware of the new press releases?
  I want to buy new publications and CDs, what should I do?
  The tables on the website of TurkStat are in the form of MS-Excel and I cannot see the tables because I do not use MS-Excel, what should I do?
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