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  • Organizations, which are real or legal persons, executing research activities including statistical results, are under the burden of stating the coverage of the research, sampling method, data collection method and period of application with the results of the research if they open the results of surveys to public by media.
  • TURKSTAT has the right to ask for every kind of data and information for the production of statistics from all statistical units in the form, period and standards specified by the Presidency about the censuses and researches under the responsibility of the Institute.
  • TURKSTAT Presidency has the authority to research the accuracy of the given data and information, to check them, to ask for additional information and documents, to determine real data and information with the documents arranged after the conclusion of research and checking.
  • The documents related to information saved in electronic format are kept until finalization of data and information and opening for usage, and after this period they are destroyed.
  • Institutes and organizations are under the burden of making their national registration system with the standards specified by the Presidency, updating them and opening them to the usage of statistical purpose of the Presidency.
  • Statistical data collected by TURKSTAT are not allowed to be given to any person or authority until opened to usage.

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