Turkish Statistical Institute Statistics on Child 2018

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18 April 2019

Hrs: 10:00


Statistics on Child, 2018
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Table-1: Child population and proportion
Table-2: Proportion of child population in European Union and its countries
Table-3: Child population by provinces and age group
Table-4: The most popular child names in use by age group and sex
Table-5: Age dependency ratio
Table-6: Proportion of cesarean sections among all births by SR Level 1
Table-7: Gross and net schooling ratio by level of education and sex
Table-8: Schooling ratio by provinces and level of education
Table-9: Number of child marriages in 16-17 age group by sex and proportion in total marriages
Table-10: Number and proportion of child marriages for girls in 16-17 age group by provinces
Table-11: Labour force status by non-institutional child population
Table-12: The percentage of main diseases/health problems of children in the past 6 months by sex
Table-13: Distribution of causes of death in children aged 1-17 by age group
Table-14: Proportion of killed and injured children in road traffic accidents by age group

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