Turkey Health Survey

Turkey Health Interview Survey carried out by TurkStat in the year 2008 for the first time has been conducted every two years periodically.

The survey included questions from members of the 0-14 age group, particularly those with data incompleteness to meet national needs, as well as modules proposed by the European Union Statistics Office for member and candidate countries. The research was applied to households with face-to-face interviews in four different surveys ("basic characteristics of household individuals", "0-6 age group", "7-14 age group" and "15+ age group").

With the survey, the data was obtained with the diseases and accidents in the past 6 months before the survey date for the children in 0-6 and 7-14 age groups, dental health and kind of health care services that taken for these discomforts.

The information was derived related with general heath status, chronic diseases, functional abilities in carrying out daily activities, personal care, using of health care services, using of medicines, tobacco and alcohol, vaccinations and height and weight values for the individuals in 15 years and old age group.

The aim of the Turkey Health Survey is to introduce the health profile of individuals and to get information about health indicators which constitutes a big part of the development indicators that shows the degree of development of the countries and also to close the lack of information in current system. This survey has the specialty of being the first research held out to reflect the country in general and being comparable internationally.

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