Innovation Statistics

Innovation statistics are compiled by adapting the Community Innovation Survey Model Questionnaire, based on the Oslo Manual, which is prepared in accordance with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) methodology. Innovation activities carried out by enterprises, information sources for these activities, cooperation, expenditure, financial supports, strategies, factors hampering innovation activities are inquired by questionnaire.

The scope of Innovation Survey is "new" for the enterprise as stated in the Oslo Manual. In other words, a new or significantly improved product, service or a production process is sufficient to be "new" to the enterprise. The discovery of a source of raw material or completely reconstruction of industry is beyond of the scope.
The manual collects the types of innovation carried out by enterprises under four headings:

1. Product innovation
2. Process innovation
3. Organisational innovation
4. Marketing innovation

In this publication, the information about the studies of Turkish Statistical Institute related Innovation Statistics is given. The information covers aim, coverage, data collection method, classification and release in detail and when preparing the publication, it is targeted to be read with interest for anyone interested in the subject.

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