Labour Force Statistics Micro Data Set

In this CD, besides the annual micro data for 2015 Household Labour Force Survey, main tabulated results, methodological information and principles for micro data use are given. As well as the news releases, statistical tables and databases Labour Force Survey Micro Data Sets are fundamentally prepared for statistical analysis. Therefore, variables contained in the micro data set are shared with users to be used in statistical analysis not to produce cross tables. Annual results of the household labour force survey could be given by Statistical Regions (SR) Level 1 and SR Level 2.

In Household Labour Force Survey, new regulations in order to ensure full compliance with the European Union have been started since the period of February 2014. According to these changes, the reference week of the survey and duration of unemployment in unemployment criteria have been changed, and also the new administrative division and new population projections were based on. Detailed information about the new changes in household labor force statistics can be accessed from the link “Explanation [143 KB] ”.

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