Income and Living Conditions Survey

Income distribution indicators are needed for not only the economic reasons but also to enable to make a good evaluation (according to the social justice and equivalance) of the various social systems. Inequity and poverty on income distribution are one of the most serious problems of the world and the income distribution problems are started to appear not only just the economic but also the political and social problems anymore. With the studies on monitoring the income inequality variation, it has needed to produce data for new notions like “poverty of social opportunity” by reducing the income distribution problem to the poverty problem (income poverty).

TURKSTAT has produced income distribution statistics by using Household Budget Survey (HBS) from 1987 to 2005. After the second survey application in 1994 the survey has been carried out yearly starting from 2002. Last income distribution news bulletin which includes HBS results was in 2005.

“Income and Living Conditions Survey” has been started to carried out yearly by using panel survey method for displaying the income distribution between individuals and households, measuring the living conditions of the people, social exclusion and poverty with the income dimension, and determining the profile for 2006. The aim of the survey which is started to apply in the frame of European Union Compliance Programme is to produce data on income distribution comparable with the EU Countries, relative poverty based on income, living conditions and social exclusion.

Respondents in the sample are monitored during four years in this survey where the panel survey technique is used and field application is carried out regularly in every year. It is aimed to get two kinds of data sets from the survey namely cross-section and panel.

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